Meet Sonya Gregory



Sonya Gregory is a management consultant, executive coach, trainer, and inspirational leader.  She is passionate about helping people recognize their leadership abilities within themselves and assisting in creating successful team environments.  

Combining her 20 years of practical management experience, along with her knowledge in organizational leadership, communication and the behavioral sciences, Sonya helps create successful leaders, teams, and organizations.

During her time as an executive, Sonya observed that communication and emotional intelligence was the key to effective leadership and profitable teams.  She believes that superior leadership can enable the individual, team, and organization to achieve increased profits, goals, and retention of great employees.  Throughout her career, Sonya has been passionate about helping people and businesses recognize their untapped potential in taking their company to the next level of leading people.

Sonya holds a Master's degree from Norwich University in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor's degree from Purdue University in Communication, and several professional certifications.  She is a lifetime learner and loves when her clients, friends, and family offer a different perspective on life experiences.  Recognized as a compassionate individual, Sonya is also known for her engaging sense of humor and energetic personality.  

Sonya looks forward to presenting you the key to unlocking the door to enhanced communication, profitable teams and superior leadership.

My Story

I want to spread the word that the world desperately needs authentic leaders who are willing to invest their time in inspiring and motivating others.  I have witnessed many talented people leave good jobs because of the poor leadership in the company.  I have seen great companies with good intentions lose their way when they start to ignore their number one profit maker: their employees.

My mission is to help business owners and managers get back on track by analyzing the leadership strengths of each level of management.  I also encourage them to learn what drives each employee to superior performance, because this creates a dynamic culture of profitability!

I have always been moved by individuals when they are open to improving their strengths and discovering their hidden talents.  I truly enjoy seeing someone transform into an influential, confident employee who exceeds all expectations.

There was one experience that changed my outlook on how employees are supported, trained, and motivated.  Motivated to do more than "going through the motions" of the job...

This particular experience took place in the Caribbean.  I was tasked with training 17 employees from different countries to be luxury sale professionals.  They had all been cashier clerks, but their jobs had been eliminated when the stores they worked in closed.  As you can imagine their mindset was not in a good place.  

The first challenge was to diminish their negative mindset and reassure them they were talented individuals and the company needed them.  Because in order for them to get anything out of this 11-weeks training, they had to be in the right mindset.  And let me tell you, this was not an easy task.  They weren't motivated at all.  I even had to alter my training agenda slightly to hone in on their roadblocks.

I started by introducing two main topics that were merged into our agenda.  The first one was "attitude and gratitude" and the second one was "taking care of yourself mentally and physically."  Every morning before we started the training, I had everyone in the group share what they were thankful for...or something positive!

Most were on board for this, but a handful did not want to participate at all.  However, after about one week, I started seeing small, positive changes in these employees (even the challenging ones!)  We were developing trust and getting to know each other.  Yes!

My goal was to replace the bad habits that were weighing them down with a healthier and more positive outlook on life and work.  They began to engage with each other and learned how taking care of themselves affected their work.  In order to keep this momentum, I presented an incentive that was tied to the "attitude" and "taking care of yourself" part of the agenda.  I was surprised to see that every single one of them rose up to the challenge.

This is where I saw the second shift in their mindset.  They were believing in themselves and reaching out to one another for support.  They were even laughing and enjoying the training.

Fast forward to the last week of the training: I had 12 employees who not only completed the program but passed a very comprehensive and technical exam!

And that is not the best part.  These 12 talented employees surprised me by writing the most powerful words of gratitude in their thank you cards.  It was incredible to witness these employees transform into authentic, positive professionals.  They always had it in them, but they needed someone to help them discover it.  They needed someone to help them identify their hidden talents and, most importantly, believe in them.

I still keep in touch with this team...the team that brought clarity to my passion.  I receive amazing reports on their successes, personally and professionally.  A few of them decided to change careers and now work as a supervisor, nurse, manager, assistant operations manager and clerical officer, to name a few.  But I am over the moon when they share their continued wins in life!

Experiences like this one are what drives me to do what I do.  I love helping people overcome challenges or disbelief in themselves and redirect that energy into a positive outlook.  

I have a passion to help people discover their unique, hidden talent, whether they are an executive, manager or staff member.  

Leadership is not a title, it is a lifestyle of putting others before yourself.  When this is done, amazing results will happen.