Sales Training


Selling to today's consumer can be challenging with the various web-based options to gain knowledge about a product or even purchase that product without speaking to a live sales person.  This puts the sales person at a disadvantage.  To be competitive with the web, a sales person must know how to build a genuine relationship with the client and use the proper style of communication that the client prefers.  They need to know how to read people well because people still buy from people they like. 

GOL Solutions provides selling tools that analyze a sales person's strengths and weaknesses in the selling process through an objective analysis.  These tools take the guess work out of trying to figure out why a sales person is not performing at a higher level.  

It's time to ignite your sales approach!  

Leadership Development


In today's world of constant change, it is not enough to be a good leader.  Companies more than ever need excellent leaders that can do more with less, meet revenue goals and ignite a team to perform at their best.  The time is now to take your leadership skills to the next level and be more than just average!  

Individuals will be able to:

  • Inspire individuals and teams by demonstrating essential and modern leadership skills
  • Communicate efficiently to maintain trust and awareness
  • Lead by example through personal awareness, regulation, and development
  • Provide solutions when unanticipated situations arise
  • Utilize talent development strategies to collaborate with teams and help them reach goals
  • Use problem-solving, negotiation and conflict resolutions skills to break down barriers

Strategic Communication


The demand for strategic communication is on the rise.  Individuals from diverse backgrounds must work and converse together to meet goals and increase revenue. Whether you are leading a team or your life, the ever changing world requires one to be responsive.  Leaders applying strategic communication know the importance of two-way communication, listening, and feedback in order to create trust, make sound decisions and inspire others.  

Individuals will be able to:

  • Identify the most common obstacles for communication
  • Explain the 5 C's of effective communication 
  • Assess and improve listening skills
  • Determine the best way to get your point across in various situations
  • Apply effective principles for face-to-face, written, and virtual settings
  • Determine the different communication styles of the 5 working generations

Team Effectiveness


Leaders who are self-aware, mange themselves, and communicate with others create trust and a positive workplace climate where employees feel connected and valued.  These employees are more inclined to do more, stay longer, and improve performance (Freedman, 2007). John Maxwell said it best; "Vision may begin with one person but it is accomplished through the efforts of many people."  Are you ready to take your team to greatness?

Individuals will be able to:

  • Recognize their strengths, values, and thinking styles
  • Maximize productivity and efficiency
  • Minimize conflict by strengthening communication skills
  • Increase morale by recognizing positive strengths in other
  • Improve problem-solving through respectful collaboration
  • Create a safe and creative environment to share ideas and concerns

Job Benchmarking


Benchmarking is the process of carefully matching up the right person to a job that is perfectly suited for them. Job Benchmarking is successful because it goes deeper than traditional hiring and development methods and is based on 30 years of research into the components of superior performance.

What are the effects of Job Benchmarking?

  • When a person’s talents are perfectly matched with their job, they are happier, more productive and can successfully meet performance goals
  • Job Benchmarking keeps employees engaged and energized because they are engaged in meaningful work
  • Management spends their time more productively and efficiently because their employees are ideally matched to their jobs

Why is Job Benchmarking important for your company?

  • Satisfied employees boost your company’s reputation and help to build a high-performance culture
  • Your business will outperform competitors because staffing and leadership is unparalleled
  • Eliminates human bias that can unintentionally undermine the hiring process
  • Less turnover and no more “bad apple” employees (the ones who drain your team of energy and productivity)

Workplace Assessments


Assessments put you in the fast lane of training, coaching and development.  Not only are they incredibly accurate (thanks to 35+ years of research), but they impact your employees in a powerful way, allowing them to grow, change and learn.  Think of assessments as turbocharging engagement in your company and increasing the ROI of all your training and coaching efforts.  

What are the effects of Behavioral Assessments?

  • Assessments help to increase employee engagement and retention
  • They improve the hiring process and workplace
  • Allow for faster development of star employees 

Why are Behavioral Assessments important for your company?

  • They allow you to better understand your employees’ unique knowledge, motivators, behaviors and competency skills required for the job
  • If your company is going through a transition and job roles are shifting, assessments make the process easier and more productive
  • Each employee has their own unique behavior, attitudes and skills.  Assessments will help you to provide effective training and coaching for the diverse set of individuals in your company

We are here to help you hire, train, and retain your employees at a superior level, so you can improve your business culture, stimulate growth, stress less and enjoy your cup of coffee each morning.

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